For its 3rd edition, the Alliance Française Dublin's Comic Book Festival is partnering again with the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, the Comics Lab and Illustrators Ireland. Join us for this exciting opportunity to discover new voices and learn from leading professionals in Ireland, France and Belgium through a series of events on two days: live reading performances, talk, exhibition, signings and a book fair!


Wednesday 8 March, 6.30pm

Thursday 9 March, 6.30pm

Live Readings

Exhibition Launch

Pop Up Comics Fair

Meet Max de Radiguès

Alliance Française (
The French Library)
1 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Alliance Française (La Cocotte)
1 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Illustrators Ireland
and The Comics Lab brings together
the most promising indie comics makers from throughout
the island of Ireland to perform live readings of their short comics. The experience is a fully immersive story telling
event that combines music, sound design, projected
illustration and live performance in what feels like a
cross between theatre and animation.

Featuring: Sarah Bowie, Eoin Coveney, Alan Dunne, Katherine Foyle, Debbie Jenkinson, Paddy Lynch, Elida Maiques, Stephen Maurice Graham, Ale Mercado, David McClelland, Fintan Taite

Booking essential

Come and join us on a very special evening for the
opening of the Highlights of the Belgian Comic Strip
put together by the
Belgian Comic Strip Centre.
At this occasion, we are honoured to welcome Belgian
illustrator and author Max de Radiguès, whose works
will be part of the show.

After introducing the project, Deputy Director of
Belgian Comic Strip Centre Tine Anthony will
give the floor to Max de Radiguès, who will present his
work and participate in a Q&A with the public.


Booking essential



Sarah Bowie     website  |  twitter  |  behance



Founding member of The Comics Lab, Sarah is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, originally from Dublin, recently returned from a residency in La Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, a centre of excellence for comics in France.

Eoin Coveney     website  |  facebook  |  twitter  |  behance


Co-creator of The Alienist, an original series for 2000AD, for which he has been contributing (drawing Judge Dredd among others), Eoin has also worked for many international publishers, such as Harper-Collins, Dorling-Kindersley, Usbourne, Pearson and Oxford University Press.


Alan Dunne     website  |  facebook  |  behance



Illustrator based in Dublin, Alan creates comics that deal with the universality of the human experience, social observation, interesting set-ups and atmospheric scene setting. Alongside illustration, he also works as a motion designer for RTÉ and was shortlisted for the Jonathan Cape / Comica / Observer Graphic Short competition twice; in 2014 for his graphic short comic piece Collage and again in 2016 for his short comic Folly.


Stephen Maurice Graham     website  |  twitter  |  instagram  |  behance



Stephen is an illustrator and comic artist from Belfast. He currently writes a weekly comic for about the exploits of a man-child named Michael.


Katherine Foyle     website  |  twitter



Katherine Foyle is a TV and video editor based in Dublin, who is passionate about telling small stories well in every medium she can. Like her creations, she is a work-in-progress.

Debbie Jenkinson    website  |  twitter  |  bigcartel


Co-founder of the Comics Lab, Debbie’s comics explore the triumphs and frustrations of ordinary life, failed romances, overfed cats and the inner lives of office workers feature again and again.

Paddy Lynch    website  |  twitter


Founding member of the Comics Lab, Paddy is a cartoonist, educator and graphic designer whose work embraces and explores the complicated and often contradictory experiences that make us tick and reveal who we truly are.

Elida Maiques    website  |  blog


Elida is a visual artist with a strong line in comics. She is originally from Spain, based in Dublin since 2003. Several of Elida’s comics are bilingually functional, with separate hand-lettered text in both English and Spanish. Her comics work is often small-run limited edition comics and handmade books. Her main vehicle for these is Slow, a series of fold-out mini-comics containing assorted shorter strips, however her work also appears in Polen magazine, the publications of Plutón CC, RíRá, etc. Something she loves: teaching Visual Storytelling in Marino College.

Alé Mercado     website


Alé draws stories in rural Ireland. He used to do that in cities, but that is a distant memory now. He is surrounded by cattle that do not appreciate his skills; but that never stopped him. When he is not drawing, he likes to talk of himself in third person to the cows.

David McLelland    website  |  facebook  |  twitter  |  Instagram


David (working as David Creative) is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in Belfast. As an artist, he creates his own musical compositions which he then uses as a source narrative to create visual short stories.

Max de Radiguès   website  |  twitter  |  Instagram


Max de Radiguès is a comic book author and editor at L’employé du Moi. He writes and draws for young people and adults. His book Moose was selected for the Eisner Awards 2016. In 2009, he was invited to a one-year residency at the prestigious Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. He recounted his experiences during his year of residence in his book Pendant ce temps à White River Junction published by Six Pieds sous Terre, which was part of the official selection of the 2012 Angoulême International Comics Festival. Some of his projects, such as L’âge dur and Original, appear in monthly fanzines sent by post to readers before being published as books. Bâtard is the latest series that the author has created with a new episode released every month. He works in a workshop in Brussels, where Flemish, French, and Swiss designers mix.

Fintan Taite      website  |  behance

Fintan Taite is an award winning cartoonist based in Dublin. He has over a decades experience working freelance on everything from picture Books and Editorial Illustration to Comics and animation.


Les Phares de la
Bande Dessinée Belge

(Highlights of the
Belgian Comic Strip)
9 - 14 March

In Belgium, comic strip art is a real institution. Even if in this country it is only natural for most abodes to house a collection or to contain a library dedicated to comic strip art, and even if more than half of the books published and produced in Belgium are comic strip books, it is especially the graphic artists and script-writers – more than one thousand in number – who have transformed Belgium into the Kingdom of Comic Strip Art since almost one century.

Some of Hergé’s comic strip books or those of other artists of his generation have thus gained cult-image status, and have, of course, been parodied and hijacked a thousand times over. ‘Highlights of Belgian Comic Strip Art’ can only provide a mere glimpse.

Works presented include Hergé, Franquin, Edgard P. Jacobs, Morris, Schuitten, Yslaire, Brecht, Hermann, Max de Radiguès and many more!

Presented by the Belgian Comic Strip Centre



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